Gaulhofer Windows and Doors

Gaulhofer is a world-wide leader in producing high-end luxury windows and doors that are not only aesthetically beautiful but incredibly durable as well. These windows are among the most energy efficient. Resulting in a quicker return on investment and perfectly suited for passive home building design. Since Gaulhofer employs closed utilization cycles for all of its basic raw materials such as varnishes, sustainably-grown native woods and waste heat in its factories, you will feel great living with windows that were made with sustainability in mind. You don't buy windows every day and at Gaulhofer, we intend to keep it that way. 

All Gaulhofer products are handcrafted in Austria —  Windows for a lifetime,

Product Line


  • High altitude winter-felled wood from sustainable forests.
  • UW peak values of 0.66 W/m K.
  • Large selection of paints and glazes
  • Unique manufacturing quality.
  • Installation depths of 78 mm or 92 mm.


  • Top performing insulating values: up to 0.65 W/m K.
  • Improved structural characteristics.
  • Highest selection of aluminum profiles and colors to ensure personalization.
  • Installation depths of 94 mm or 108 mm.


  •  Highly sought after slim design profile with flush interior and exterior design.
  • Top performing thermal values: UW-values up to 0.67 W/m K.
  • 91 mm construction depth with standard triple glazing.
  • Technologically advanced design with proprietary insulating performance at the glass joint.


  • Unequaled insulation values: UW top value: 0.59 W/m²K.
  • Reinforcement without thermal bridges thanks to elimination of Steel.
  • Highly stable glass-fibre reinforcement. PowerDur in frame.
  • Installation depths of: 70 mm or 85 mm.